Clara Grabowiecki is an Argentine visual artist, born in Buenos Aires in 1983. She studied in the studio of the prestigious Argentine visual artist Carlos Gorriarena, with whom she deepened her interest in artistic research in color. Her influence can be seen reflected in a radical vision about art that includes a special rigor and commitment in the way of approaching the work. In 2008, she was selected as artist-in-residence of the renowned Takt Berlin Artist Residency, an experience that broadened her creative horizons and fundamentally changed her artistic perspective. In 2016, driven by her curiosity Clara moves to Europe where she has the opportunity to immerse herself in the local art scene and make meaningful connections with other contemporary artists. There she completed the Master in Research in Art and Design at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Throughout her career, she has exhibited her work between Buenos Aires, Berlin, Beijing, Barcelona, Miami and London, in renowned spaces such as the San Martín Cultural Center, the Recoleta Cultural Center, Appetite Contemporary Art, ArteBA, Jardín Oculto, Wir Gallery, Big Sur, Fábrica Escocesa, La Virreina Centro de la Imagen, among others. Her work has been an integral part of notable festivals and exhibitions, such as the LOOP Festival, Visual Brasil and Teorema Festival. Her work has been featured in influential publications such as Diario Clarín, Revista Ramona, Arte al Día, Revista Ulisses and Wicked Mag.

The work of Clara Grabowiecki is a journey into an interior cosmos. Passing through the figurative to the abstract, the images construct cosmologies of the imagination. The human and non-human world interact in interspecies entanglements that spread from dogs to botanical elements and spiral into atomic levels. An interwoven mesh of reality and understanding is threaded through physical and dream-worlds that narrate our infinitely complex interconnectedness. The surface of painting is the arena in which Grabowiecki uses color and form to align vibrational tendencies. The images are recognizable by a confident color palette that does not shy away from tropical tones and metallic glimmers that connected to a collective unconscious of the cultural psyche. The image contains both science-fiction and ancient narratives in a timeless suspension. The space of the mind is represented as a crystalized gesture to truth and purity. The crystal is symbolic of the purity of the soul when matter compresses into transparency.

Angels Miralda, Barcelona, 2022.


Alquimia. Viaje al Maestro Corazón.  Barcelona. España.

Transrealidad. Eina Barra de Ferro. Barcelona. España.

Por favor. Centro Cultural Recoleta.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Very important person. Appetite Contemporary Art. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Un amor real puede salvarte. Meridion Arte Contemporaneo.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


VISUAL BRASIL Live A/V in collaboration with Whiitechief. 

AFTER. LOOP Festival Barcelona. En La Escocesa.
TEOREMA Festival Barcelona. Sala Meteoro.

Noche Romántica. Haimney Gallery. Barcelona. España.
A Nadie le gustaría ser un archivo JPG. Recreando Ruinas en La Escocesa. Barcelona. España.

FASE 1er. Aniversario. L´Hospitalet d Llobregat, Barcelona, España.
El fuego quemaría el plástico si se tocaran. La Fabrica. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Murad. Eina. Barra de Ferro. Barcelona. España.
Expotrastiendas. Galería DAAD. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Teatro de guerrilla. Hangar. Performance, Barcelona. España.

Happy Toguether. Centro Cultural San Martin. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Arsenal Fireworks. Petalos Gloster. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Esa boca es mia. Ups Galeria. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
El último símbolo que quedará. ArteBA Galería Jardin Oculto. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ArteBA Galería. Stand de la galería Big Sur. Buenos Aires.
Por qué hay algo en vez de nada?. VDO. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Que la vida. Fundación Lebenshon. 2010. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Shop. WIR Gallery, Berlin. Alemania,
Mi fuerza es mi debilidad. Takt Kunstprojectraum. Berlin.
Do it fast wrong. Appetite Contemporary Art. Beiging. China.

Poco de Nieve. Trimarchi DG. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Arsenal Fireworks. Loba producciones. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

El triunfo de la voluntad. Castillo de Alcala del Jucar, Albacete. España.
Trastienda. Lista Ya. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Open Studio. VDO.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.


FASE. Residente en espacio de producción. Barcelona, España.

Takt Kunstprojectraum Berlin, Alemania.


Beca Cazadores.  Un año de beca de estudios para el desarrollo de un proyecto interdiciplinario entre bailarines y artistas visuales. Fundacion Cazadores, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Universidad de Palermo/ Primer premio otorgado en el concurso Fotografia Documental.

AASAP.  Mencion honorifica concurso de pintura libre.

2018/ 2022
PhD Filosofía Estética Contemporánea UAB. Barcelona, España.

Master en Investigación en Arte y Diseño
EINA / UAB, Barcelona, España.

Licenciada en Diseño Gráfico Universidad de Palermo Buenos Aires Argentina.

Seminario “Travestismo y Transparencia” con Luciana Lamothe y Osias Yanov. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Antiproyecto por Diego Bianchi Programa de artistas Di Tella. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Taller de pintura, teoría del arte y performance con Diana Aisenberg. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Clínica de proyectos artísticos por Gabriel Baggio. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Estudio del color con Carlos Gorriarena Taller teórico práctico de pintura con Sergio Bazan. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Clinica de obra por Luis Felipe Noe. Buenos Aires, Argentina.